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Pre-opening — Hotel Opening Organization

Anton Basin
Anton Basin
Founder and director BASINN hotel development

The pre-opening of a hotel is the preliminary organizational activity for opening a hotel object and launching it into operation.

So much effort and time has been put into the project, how not to miss when opening a hotel? Opening is the last, but no less responsible stage.

Pre-opening - Hotel Opening Organization


  • Features of hotel pre-opening
  • Marketing and sales
  • Standards, Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
  • Recruiting
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Attention to Detail

Pre-opening: features of hotel pre-opening

Opening requires two to six months of preparation and a professional approach.

Even investors who have built a hotel on their own acknowledge that preparation for opening requires the help of a professional team.

Pre-opening is a preliminary organizational activity that consists of several stages:

STAGE 1 Marketing and Sales


We develop and launch your hotel's website, in accordance with the positioning and list of services offered.


Your hotel is registered in major tourist booking systems and catalogs, such as booking.com, Tripadvisor, hotels.com, and others.


Your hotel's pages are created on major social networks, an advertising campaign is launched through various internet channels, and search engine optimization activities are conducted for your hotel's website.

All these actions allow to fill the hotel from the first days after opening. Also, at the stage of preparation for opening, contracts are concluded with partners (tourist agencies, corporate clients, etc.), suitable sales channels are selected, and loyalty programs for guests are developed.

Often, the hotel team continues to conduct operational business for three to six months after the hotel's opening. Because every project is unique and requires refinement of Standards and Rules considering all local features. It is necessary to cope with the initial "turnover" of staff. It is necessary to "promote" the project and win the hearts of the first guests, so they become your regular customers.

Stage 2 Standards, Regulations, Rules and Instructions

It is necessary to create a written system that your enterprise will operate by. Each Business-process, be it room cleaning, conference hall booking or purchasing of products, must be described in detail, with deadlines and responsibilities. This is a collection of documents that will save you a lot of time in training and managing your hotel staff.

STAGE 3 Recruiting

The most important thing in a hotel is staff. Hotel experience shows that a friendly smile from a receptionist or the "invisibility" of a maid leave the most positive impressions on guests.

    First and foremost, experts develop the organizational structure of the hotel enterprise, i.e., they form the staffing schedule, define the hierarchy (if the staff is large), prepare job descriptions, standards, etc.
    After the necessary documentation is prepared, we begin the search and recruitment of employees. Our experts conduct a thorough selection of candidates, focusing on their knowledge, experience, communication manners, and other important aspects. One of the main selection criteria is mutual understanding and the ability to work in a team.

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STAGE 4 Opening Ceremony

The opening event should leave the most positive emotions for the first guests.

In fact, this is the first event project aimed at promoting your hotel, the success of which will become its excellent advertisement. Our team prepares a detailed program of events, invites creative professionals, organizes entertainment and catering for children and adults. Media representatives are invariably invited to the opening ceremony along with guests.

Paying Attention to Every Detail

In addition to the above, our team conducts additional actions:

    Selects and implements a suitable hotel management system - PMS. For the hotel, restaurant and channel manager for linking PMS with online booking systems.
    Performs initial purchases of cleaning supplies, food products, and alcoholic beverages, develops the restaurant's menu.
    Implements accounting standard (e.g., USALI) for determining effectiveness, controlling expenses, and planning revenues.

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Anton Basin
Anton Basin
Founder and director BASINN hotel development
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