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Hotel Consulting

Anton Basin
Anton Basin
Founder and director BASINN hotel development

You have decided to build your own hotel and entertainment complex.

  • What format will be in demand at the chosen location?
  • What should be the size of the room fund?
  • What infrastructure to design?
  • How not to "bury" your money in this project?
  • How to return your investment in the shortest possible time?
  • What operating profit can I count on?
  • Is the selected site suitable for the hotel business at all?
  • How to properly locate infrastructure elements on the site?

You ask yourself these questions, you are looking for advice and help from those who are already in the hotel business, who have already opened hotels.

You are looking for a Guide who will guide you on the path to creating your own hotel, avoiding mistakes and applying best practices in the industry.

Hotel consulting is one of the priority areas at BASINN hotel development. We provide a full range of services and consult on all issues of hotel owners, construction companies, investors, and others. We conduct hotel consulting for owners of all types of hotel business. All consultations are conducted at a sufficiently high level, thanks to our strong team of professionals.

In the hospitality industry, our company has achieved high performance in hotel consulting. The range of our services covers all areas of hotel activity. We conduct consulting for hotels and the results of our work contribute to improving business performance in record short time. Our services include: consulting hotel owners on individual types of hotel business, i.e., there is an opportunity to make partial hotel consulting. For example, get consultations on increasing the profitability of linear services, analyze the impact of any separate hotel service in the context of the entire object.

The mission of our company is to provide quality hotel consulting, allowing the hotel to become a leader in Russia and the CIS. Competently distributing work among its employees and skillfully delegating authority, we achieve maximum performance indicators of our clients' business management.

Anton Basin

My name is Anton Basin,

  • I am a Hotel Developer, I create Concepts, design, and open hotels. I have more than 200 projects in my portfolio.
  • I've been in the hotel business for 15 years. I worked in the Azimut hotel chain as the Deputy General Manager for development, built and opened the famous Lepota hotel near Moscow.
  • I created the Association of Country Hotels, where I am currently the President.
  • I am the Owner of BASINN Hotel Development Company.

What is the essence of our Product?

We turn your real estate (plot or building) into a hotel business with a payback period of 5-7 years.

I calculated that investors have already invested more than 30 billion rubles in hotels according to our Concepts.

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Below are the current Formats for acquiring the knowledge and experience of our Team applied to your project.


I answer your questions. For example, I was asked these questions during consultations:

  • Are these sites suitable for building a hotel complex? Is the size suitable? Which site to choose?
  • What is the most promising format of a hotel complex to implement on this site?
  • Give your opinion on the presented hotel/restaurant/Master plan project
  • Is the hotel format I conceived promising in this region? Such questions were asked about glamping, bath complexes, apart-hotels, country restaurants, city hotels, and other formats.
  • What are the options for financing the project?

Result of the consultation – you have answers to your questions.

Strategic Session

Main question of the Strategic Session

How to best use the given site to create a hotel business on it?

Accompanying questions:

Which format will pay off the fastest?

On which format can we get the maximum profit?

What type of accommodation will be optimal in this project (rooms, cottages, blocked modules, glamping)?

What infrastructure elements should be considered?

How to optimally place them on the site?

What will be the estimated project Budget? Which management format to choose?

Meeting format – at the office of BASINN Hotel Development Company in Moscow or via ZOOM.

Time – within 2 hours.

Result of the Strategic Session - you have an understanding of the optimal format of the hotel business for your site, a list of infrastructure elements, the optimal location of them on the site, and the order of further actions to implement your project.

Additional information on Consultations and Strategic Sessions

  1. A little more information is set out in my post, some clients left reviews under it.
  2. The personality of the hotel owner is very important in determining the format of the hotel, so I will ask some questions about the reasons for creating the hotel, your hobbies, and ideas related to the hotel.
  3. Answers to questions do not take into account factors that can only be considered while on the site.
  4. There are specific questions related to some local markets, the answers to which can only be obtained as a result of a marketing study.

Strategic session or consultation with a visit to the site

The definition of the natural and recreational potential of the site, the characteristics of its relief, the views that open and other natural factors, is possible only on the condition of being on the site.

The answers to your questions as part of a consultation, and even more so, determining the most promising format of the hotel business within the framework of a Strategic session, will be much more justified after studying the site by me.


A working format in which I bring you to the agreed Result using your contractors (whom, if necessary, I can also recommend). This work format is usually used when the Customer has trusted architects, but they lack experience and expertise in designing hotel facilities.

Result – Master plan of the project, sketch planning solutions of buildings, Financial model of the project, design project, Marketing research report, etc.

The contractors can be - architects, designers, technologists, managers, financiers.

Working format: Visit to the object. Meetings in the office or Zoom.

Order of work:

  1. Departure to the Object or studying photo-video materials and other initial data, Setting by me the Technical Task to the involved contractors
  2. Work in a Telegram group, answering contractors' questions.
  3. Intermediate meetings to control and adjust the result and answer contractors' questions
  4. Approval of the final project by the Customer.

Result of Support: Ready Master plan and Planning solutions of the hotel Complex.

To determine the volume and cost of work, you need to sign up for Diagnostics (a Zoom meeting with me lasting 10-30 minutes).

You can sign up by leaving a request on the site or by phone.

Anton Basin
Anton Basin
Founder and director BASINN hotel development
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